Confluence 2018

Confluence is the Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence Student Association (CASA)’s bi-annual research conference on cognition and the mind organized by undergrads for undergrads, happening February 2019. CASA aims to create a platform for undergrads to showcase contributions they have been making to the science of mind and cognition, and provide a space for interdisciplinary dialogue in the study of the mind at the undergraduate level. You will get the opportunity to share your work with the broader UofT community, take part in interdisciplinary dialogue on cognition and the mind, and practice communicating your ideas in a constructive and supportive environment. You also get conference-presentation experience, which will give you a competitive career advantage.

Important Details

What can you submit?
~ Research done as an undergrad
~ RA work, ROP course, independent study course, research paper for a course
~ Topics related to: cognition and the mind, broadly construed. Relevant fields are psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, computer science/ artificial intelligence, anthropology, and philosophy of mind.
If you’re not sure whether your work qualifies, ask!

What to submit:
~ Name, title, abstract, original purpose of the work (ROP course, research paper, etc.)
~ Send to

When to submit?
~ By December 5, 2018

If you have any questions, email