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The Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence Students’ Association is proud to announce the 3rd iteration of Confluence, University of Toronto’s Undergraduate Cognitive Science Research Conference.

Join us on Saturday, February 6th, 2021 to explore work being done by undergraduate students in cognitive science and related disciplines!

Admission is FREE and it will be hosted online through zoom webinar

More info can be found at our Facebook Event, and a list of talk descriptions can be found here


(Each speaker’s talk contains a 10 mins Q&A session at the end)

11:00 am – 11:10 am: Opening remarks

11:10 am – 11:45 am:
The Impact of Context Variability on New Word Learning
By: Nabeela Syeda and Irys Amelie Nadeau

11:50 am – 12:25 pm:
Bounded by Belief: The Evolution and Function of Ideology in Individual and Distributed Cognition
By: Michael Allison

12:25 pm – 13:25 pm: Lunch Break

13:25 pm – 13:50 pm:

Judging Facial Expressions of Emotion
By: Eisha Haroon

14:05 pm – 14:40 pm:
Entropy-Based Performance Analysis of Connectionist Word Recognition Models
By: Korosh Ahangar

14:45 pm – 15:20:
The Artist Is Present: Assessing the Autonomy of Creative AI Systems
By: Hala Sheta

15:25 pm – 16:00:
Oxytocin: Intricacies and Implications of the Elusive Neuropeptide
By: Klaudia Szczech

16:05 pm – 16:40:
Shared Flow as a Framework for We Agency
By: Emre Alca

16:45 pm – 17:20 pm:
Transfer of Attentional Sharpening Across Contexts is Stimulus-Specific
By: Xiao (Ophelia) Wang


If you have any questions, email