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On Saturday March 4th, 2017, in SS 2102, CASA will be hosting the first iteration of Confluence, an undergraduate conference drawing together the works of students from various areas of cognitive science. This conference seeks to offer a unique opportunity to undergraduates involved with cognitive science to present their research, independent work, or even an essay written for class that they feel particularly proud of. With a fascinating lineup of topics and speakers, we will present undergraduate pieces working from a variety of cognitive disciplines, addressing a variety of topics. The event is planned to take place over the course of approximately 4-5 hours, with a Q & A section for each speaker. There will be no charge for admission.


Sofiia Rappe
Metaphor Comprehension Model

Maggie Cheung
Abandoning Agape: Charity as a Case Study for the Meaning Crisis

Cristina Leone
“Unsinkable swiss cheese” and a dynamical systems take on error management in
the face of causal convergence

Romina Farhang
Ta Erotika: Mindful and Meaningful Machines

Jean Claude Ting
The role of attention and gesture in the development of linguistic thought

Natalia Docteur, Jida Jaffan, Mathusha Sanjeevan
The Development of Recursive Structures in Second Language Learners of English

Daniel Grieg
Understanding the Function of Experience through Virtual Visions