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For current Cognitive Science students (anyone taking at least 0.5 FCEs of COG courses or in a Cognitive Science program), we have several opportunities for you get more involved with CASA’s student body!

  • Executive Team. Our executive team works to ensure that all Cognitive Science students are treated fairly and provide the necessary resources for academic success. We host weekly office hours all year, intimate talks with Cognitive Science-adjacent speakers, large yearly conferences, and collaborate with other student unions to give you the full experience of what it’s like to be a cognitive scientist. It is a lot of administrative work, but very rewarding when you see the results! To join our executive team, you must run in our end-of-year elections or by-elections. This includes elections for course representatives.
  • CASA Admin. CASA hosts weekly office hours for anyone who wishes to drop by the office or Discord. This is essentially a way for you to help out students in – not just COG250 – but other COG courses. You will also be asked to volunteer for larger events such as UTism and Confluence.
  • Conference Submissions. You are welcome to submit and present your research work at Confluence, our bi-yearly undergraduate research conference; if you’d rather attend the talks, you’re more than welcome to do so!
  • General Meetings. Every semester, we host at least one general meeting to discuss updates to the constitution, provide information on upcoming events and elections, and field inquiries or concerns from any CASA member. Right after GMs, we have a social where food and games are involved!