(Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence Students Association)

The Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence Students Association aims to bring together everyone in the University of Toronto community involved with or interested in the study of mind. All full-time Faculty of Arts and Science undergraduates enrolled in a Cognitive Science program or enrolled in a course offered by the program are members of CASA. However, anyone in the UofT community is welcome to participate in our events, including prospective students, part-time students, teaching assistants, graduate students, alumni, professors, and other interested individuals.

Our office in University College is the hub of CASA’s activities: we have a library that contains approximately 500 books on cognitive science and related topics. We also have a comfy couch,snacks,and tea so we encourage you to come by even just to hang out between classes.

Our office is F301 in UC. (It is accessible from UC’s quad – enter the door marked F on the western side of the quad, then go up the stairs to the third floor.)

If you have any questions you can always reach out to us on Discord!

Our Discord server is where students can find course group-chats and attend our online events!

Exec Team 2021-2022

Ayush Kumar


Cognitive Science (Computational Cognition), Statistics

Sophia Wan


Cognitive Science (Computational Cognition), Economics, Computer Science

Justice Tomlinson


Cognitive Science (Computational Cognition), Psychology

Alvina Lai

Communications Director

Cognitive Science (Brain), Psychology, Classical Civilization

Amina Shmanova

Conference Coordinator

Cognitive Science (Computational Cognition), Computer Science, Psychology

Marian Wang

events Coordinator

Cognitive Science (Computational Cognition), Computer Science, Math